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Vegan Leather Diaper Backpack

Vegan Leather Diaper Backpack

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You want to go to the park with your little cutie, travel the world, visit your friends house or just prepare your hospital bag than our Vegan Leather Diaper backpack is all you ever wanted. Our handmade design makes you like stylish, modern and sustainable and ready for every occasion. The Diaper Bag brings a diaper changing mat so you can easily change your baby's nappy wherever you go. You can keep your baby's bottles warm or cold for up to 4 hours so your little one will have the perfect temperature milk at any time. Yes, I believe we are ready for motherhood!

  • Diaper Changing Mat
  • Water Resistance
  • Three insulated pockets for your baby's bottles
  • Stroller Hocks
  • Laptop Compartment
  • Big Capacity and 13 pockets
  • Durable Vegan Leather
  • Stylish, Modern and Sustainable
  • Environmental friendly
  • Ready to travel the world Mama?
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